Using the Diary


What the Diary is for

The Diary (the menu item beneath this one) is just a store of events on particular dates. It offers various calendar-like ways of viewing these events, together with buttons for moving backwards or forwards one month at a time.

When a stored event becomes imminent, an announcement of it - as an "Upcoming Event" - is automatically displayed at the base of the Home page.

We anticipate that the Diary will be consulted and updated principally by representatives of Effingham village organisations. For example, if a club wishes to plan its meetings for the coming year then it may find it useful first to see which other events are expected, to avoid clashes. The chosen schedule of meetings can then be added to this website's Diary. There is one proviso - only members of this website are able to update the Diary.

Membership - which is free - provides other capabilities in using the website, such as uploading photographs and announcements.

Adding Events to the Diary

For members updating the Diary, the process is simple. Each event is added individually. Use the buttons above the calendar to advance to the month in which this event occurs. With that month's calendar now in view, click on the day for the event and then click the "add an event" button. This produces a form for entering the event's details. You must at least give it a title, but you may also enter other things such as a description or contact details. Click "OK" at the bottom of the form, and the event is now stored in the Diary.