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Unfortunately the hard copy of the April edition of the ROUNDABOUT EFFINGHAM magazine cannot be delivered during the Covid-19 emergency. However it can be viewed or downloaded using the links below.

Two versions are available to suit your screen display.

The first is closest to a magazine experience as it displays double pages and is  suitable for laptops, desktops and larger tablets/iPads:

ROUNDABOUT (double page)

The second is more suitable for small screens such as smartphones and smaller tablets/iPads. It displays single pages:

ROUNDABOUT (single page)

If you find one version unsuitable then try changing the orientation of your screen or failing that please try the other version.

‘Roundabout Effingham’ is a community magazine published by a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, and funded by advertising from local businesses. The Parish Council is making the magazine and the Bulletins available on this website for community information during this time of the coronavirus emergency.