Planning Applications in Effingham

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications relating to addresses within the civil parish of Effingham. Most come via Guildford Borough Council or Surrey County Council planning authorities, but properties adjacent to, or just over, the boundary might also attract comment from Mole Valley District Council or Elmbridge Borough Council. 

Effingham Parish Council discusses and comments on planning applications in full council at the Parish Council meetings. It does not have a separate Planning Committee. This means that the widest possible experience and knowledge is brought to bear on each application, and all debates take place at the same time / place. Residents who want to observe the debates or alert the Parish Council to their comments on particular applications are welcome to do so.

Effingham Parish Councillors are very aware that the power to comment on planning applications is a great privilege for them as individuals, and they take very seriously their public duty to research matters fully and act impartially on behalf of all residents. 

Planning authorities must notify all properties on the boundary of an application site. Effingham Parish Council is very grateful to Effingham Residents Association (EffRA), whose network of road-wardens ensures that neighbours over a much wider area can be informed.

  • to check on current or past planning applications submitted to nearby planning authorities, click on these links for their websites' planning pages:

    Guildford Borough Council

    Surrey County Council

    Mole Valley District Council

    Elmbridge Borough Council

  • to see details of statutory listed buildings in Effingham see this page.

Viewing planning applications in the Parish Room

Regrettably copies of current planning applications are no longer held in the Parish Room, in part due to Guildford Borough Council’s desire to become a paperless organisation. Applications can be viewed from the GBC website If further assistance is required then please contact the Clerk.

Commenting on planning applications

Here is advice from the Guildford Borough Council website about what you can, and cannot, comment on with regard to a planning application:

'We consider all of the comments we receive in the course of determining an application. However, we can only base our decision on planning policy and planning matters. These include relevant policies, government guidance, design issues, privacy, traffic, access, landscaping, noise and the impact on public amenity.

Planning considerations do not include covenants and other private property matters; the effect on property values; loss of a view; matters covered by other legislation; or the character or motives of the applicant.'

There is more information about GBC’s particular planning policies and procedures at this site.  

Mole Valley and Elmbridge Planning Authorities accept the same sorts of comments on applications. Just like Guildford, these authorities have particular planning policies for their areas which may be of relevance, and which you can check at their websites.

For the contact details of Mole Valley District Council and Elmbridge Borough Council, click here and here respectively.


A gentle word to those who are thinking of submitting a planning application…

It would probably surprise you to know just how severe a shock it is for neighbours if the first thing they know about your intentions is a notification letter from Guildford Borough Council planning department falling on their mat. Even if your plans are minor and don’t affect anyone outside your property, this is an unpleasant way to let neighbours know because until they have the time to find and interpret the plans, they will fear the worst. Please be considerate. Tell neighbours what you are planning before submitting. Even better, ask them for their views. Most people will be delighted you have involved them. Anything they can contribute at this stage will save a deal of trouble later on, which is also better for all concerned.