parishroomThe Parish Room is situated in Home Barn Court, Effingham. It is available for weekday evening meetings of an Effingham-based community nature, at the discretion of the Parish Council. Currently there is no charge.

The room can seat at most 25 people if not using tables, or about a dozen people if using tables. There is an accessible wc, and a small sink / kettle facility. Access is by foot over private property and there is no parking unless by prior arrangement, but vehicle access can be made available if heavy equipment is needed for the meeting.

As a courtesy to the neighbours all meetings must end, and visitors have left the Home Barn Court premises, by 10.00pm

Opening Times and Closure Periods

The Parish Room is normally open 11am - 1pm on Mondays and Thursdays. It is closed at the following times:

  • All Bank Holidays, both Mondays and Fridays.

Booking the Room

  • to see the bookings already currently in force, consult the Bookings Diary.
  • to see where the room is, consult the map below.



To download the map (pdf) click here.