Meetings in Past Electoral Years

Below are links to Agendas, Minutes and Reports for meetings held in past electoral years.


Ordinary and Annual Meetings of the Parish Council

Electoral Year
Agendas and Minutes
2009-10   agendas and minutes 
2010-11   agendas and minutes
2011-12  agendas and minutes
2012-13  agendas and minutes
2013-14  agendas and minutes
2014-15  agendas and minutes
2015-16  agendas and minutes
2016-17  agendas and minutes


Effingham's Annual Parish Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes Chairman's Report
  2003 April 23 
   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2004 April 22
   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2005 April 19
   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2006 April 18
   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2007 April 10    minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2008 April 23
   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2009 April 14 agenda (pdf)   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2010 April 13 agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2011 April 05 agenda (pdf)   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2012 April 17 agenda (pdf)   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2013 April 16 agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)   chairman's report (pdf)
  2014 April 22 agenda (pdf)   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2015 April 21 agenda (pdf)   minutes (pdf)    chairman's report (pdf) 
  2016 April 12 agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)
  2017 April 04 agenda (pdf)   minutes (pdf)  chairman's report (pdf)