King George V Hall, Browns Lane
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Meetings in the Current Electoral Year

The Parish Council normally meets in the King George V Hall, Browns Lane at 8pm, usually on the last Tuesday of the month. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

The meeting on 27 July 2021 will be held in St Lawrence Church to enable social distancing.

Coronavirus emergency

After 4 May 2021, some formal Parish Council Meetings may be replaced by informal Parish Discussion Meetings, held online via Zoom software. The public are welcome to attend these meetings online, to hear the discussion on planning applications and other local issues  and give their views when appropriate. The login details are given at the top of the meeting agenda. Notes of these Discussion Meetings are provided here, rather than Minutes.

Formal in-person Parish Council meetings are expected to resume from 27 July 2021 at the KGV Hall, with all appropriate safety measures in place as required by  government during the coronavirus emergency.

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

Current Electoral Year 2021-21. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Ordinary Meetings of the Parish Council

Current Electoral Year 2021-21

2021 September 28 Minutes
2021 October 26 Agenda
2021 October 26 Minutes
2021 November 30 Agenda
2021 November 30 Minutes
2022 January 04 Agenda
2022 January 04 Minutes
2022 January 25 Agenda
2022 January 25 Minutes
2022 February 22 Agenda
2022 February 22 Minutes
2022 March 29 Agenda
2022 March 29 Minutes
2022 April 26 Agenda
2022 April 26 Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting

2022 April 12 Agenda
2022 April 12 Minutes

Meetings in Past Electoral Years

Below are links to Agendas, Minutes and Reports for meetings held in past electoral years.

Ordinary and Annual Meetings of the Parish Council

Effingham’s Annual Parish Meetings

2010 April 27 Chairman's report
2011 April 26 Chairman's report
2012 April 24 Chairman's report
2013 April 23 Chairman's report
2014 April 29 Chairman's report
2015 April 28 Chairman's report
2016 April 19 Chairman's report
2017 April 25 Chairman's report
2018 April 24 Chairman's report
2019 April 30 Chairman's report
2020 April 14 Agenda
2020 April 14 Minutes
2020 April 14 Chairman's report