Effingham Village Summer Fete 2010

Summer Fete 2010 programmeThe Summer Fete of 2010 took place on the afternoon of Saturday June 26th, and was organized by the Rotary Club of Bookham and Horsley.

The Effingham Local History Group took advantage of this event to make its first public presentation, by way of a stall serving to introduce the group and to advertise the forthcoming Effingham Commoners' Day event. This page shows some photos of the Fete, our stall and the items we displayed there.
























Summer Fete 2010 panorama

Summer Fete 2010 : panorama


Summer Fete 2010 stall

The History Group's stall


Summer Fete 2010 displays

The stall's display boards


Besides the display board material there were also table exhibits, including two cabinets - shown below - of artefacts found locally.


Summer Fete 2010 cabinet1


Summer Fete 2010 cabinet2

Local artefacts



The principal items on the display boards can be separately viewed and/or downloaded (in pdf format) by clicking on the links below.

Effingham Common Road : view south from the bridge at Effingham Junction station, early 20thC

Effingham Common pool : view south along Effingham Common Road towards pool  (possibly today's Willow Pool), early 20thC

Effingham Common : present-day view corresponding to the first one above

Effingham Common : another present-day view

Effingham Common features : its ecology and registered rights

Effingham Common skylarks : protection of the common's skylarks

Effingham Common history : introducing the history of the common

Effingham Common map : showing the properties having rights

Adrian Estler : memories of a well-known past commoner

William the Horse : view of Estler's piebald horse "William"

Commoners' Day Poster : advertising the event on September 26th 2010