Silver Jubilee Celebration 1977

In 1977 Effingham used its Summer Fete to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, twenty-five years after her accession to the throne in 1952 (her Coronation took place in 1953).

As can be seen from the images displayed here, the weather was excellent.


Procession of floats in Lower Road en route to the KGV Fields.

The sign behind the tractor is partly obscured but reads "Effingham ... Club". The persons on the trailer are all women. The sign low down on the side reads "SILVER JUBILEE  52 EIIR 77". Behind them the traffic is being held back by a police officer wearing a bright orange cape.


Lots of flags, bunting and red-white-and-blue hats to be seen.


The children below seem to be in some sort of pretend boat. There is nothing obvious here to connect this scene to the Jubilee, except that the girl at the left has her sleeve emblazoned with Union Jacks.


If you know what's going on here, please tell us!


One of these children, still wearing his pointed hat, can be seen sitting just left-of-centre in the next image. The dancers may be from the St. Lawrence School.


Dancing display; in the background is Howard of Effingham School.


The next image shows a line-up of Fancy Dress contestants; the girl second from right is wearing a sash bearing the words "MISS JUBILEE". Is this part of her costume or has she just been awarded this title?


Fancy Dress contestants.


Below, the judges Mrs. Rita James and Mr. Godfrey, a TV personality, are clearly taking their task seriously, while the young boy has a confident smile:


Fancy Dress judges.


Sale or presentation of Jubilee mugs.


Children's tea party.


We do not know what the children seen below are watching, nor where they are located; but they are certainly being entertained. There are small clues (such as the flag on the wall) indicating that these images do pertain to the Jubilee celebrations. The lady in the red coat is Molly (Mary F. née Bloxam), wife of Sir Barnes Neville Wallis.




 Antony D. Page presenting a Jubilee mug to Molly Wallis.