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Henry Edward Thomas Bullen (photo of this serviceman added)

Post Office Families (updated account of PO service in late 1940s)

Ancestry of Fedor George Bunge (updated with photos of him and of Fore Down)

Past Village Events (new page on Summer Fete of 1991)

Old Effingham remembered (new oral history (with analysis) by Laura Annie Essam)

Pre-War Effingham (new oral history by Margaret Mary Biles)

Life in Wartime Effingham (contributed by Margaret Mitchell)

Organisations (new page on the history of some village organisations)

Wartime Memories (contributed by Josephine R. West)

ELHG Constitution (as agreed at the Meeting of 4 July 2011)

Effingham Common page (added quotations from Matthew Arnold)

Ancestry of Jack Longhurst (latest WW2 name researched)

Ancestry of Ronald James Poland (another WW2 name researched) 

Ancestry of Kenneth Leslie Poland (another WW2 name researched)

Ancestry of Leslie Charles Payne (another WW2 name researched)

Post Office Families (new page in the Effingham Families project)

Wartime Memories (contributed by Christopher Hugh Bohling)

Effingham before the War (new oral history by Miss Anne Patricia Read)

Stovell Family (new page in the Effingham Families project)

Ancestry of Bernard John Worsfold (another WW2 name researched)

Ancestry of Andrew Whitworth McGowan (another WW2 name researched)

Ancestry of Peter James Patrick Nicholls (another WW2 name researched)

Czarnikow Family (new page in the Effingham Families project)

Photo Galleries (new album added with Lambert family photos)

Past Village Events (new pages on the Silver Jubilee and the Great Storm)

Lambert Family (new page in the Effingham Families project)

Effingham Families (new research project page)

Effingham Common (new research project page)

My Life in Effingham (new oral history by Mrs. Winifred Annie Hall)

Peace Day 1919 (new photos and updated narratives)

Literature page (updated with reference to Bryan Sherwood's book)

Armada Day 1988 (updated with photo of children's ships' competition)

Ancestry of John d'Estreville Lenfestey (another WW2 name researched)

The WW2 memorial plaque in St. Lawrence (research begun on the names)

"A Celebration of Effingham Common, 2010" (new illustrated account)

"The Steps to War" by Susan W. Morris

"Hooke Farm and Effingham Common" (new oral history by Ivor Gillespie)