Key Events for the Group


This page records the key events for the Effingham Local History Group (ELHG), with links to further material where available.


10.05.2010 First ELHG meeting, at which we adopted the logo of the Parish Council who had kindly granted us permission to use the Parish Room for our meetings.
26.06.2010   First public appearance of ELHG at the Effingham Village Summer Fete of 2010, where we presented displays about Effingham Common.
26.09.2010   Presentation of more detailed displays about the Common at the Celebration of Effingham Common 2010 event.
10.02.2011   Presentation to Effingham Residents and Ratepayers Association (ERRA) at the Catholic Church Hall in Lower Road, describing the work of ELHG and providing an overview of the local history pages on the Parish Council website.
12.09.2011   Publication of ELHG's first book Studies in Local History: Effingham Common. For more detail, see our Literature page.
25.09.2011   Presentation at the Celebration of Effingham Common 2011 event of a preview of the forthcoming exhibition about Effingham in Wartime, as well as the first public opportunity to sell our new book.
29.10.2011   Our Effingham in Wartime exhibition at the St. Lawrence Church Hall, attended by 300-400 people. It featured 38 display panels, many tables of artefacts, two invited talks, wartime music and wartime movies. A retrospective of this event will appear on this website in due course.
14.05.2012 Publication of ELHG's second book Effingham in Wartime: the Book of the Exhibition. For more detail, see our Literature page.