Effingham (Surrey) Local History Group

As adopted at the meeting of 4 July 2011
Effingham Parish Room


1  Objectives

1.1  To promote and enable the exploitation and enjoyment of all aspects of *Effingham's local history.

1.2  To conduct and publish research into Effingham's local history.

1.3  To arrange visits and invite speakers or experts on relevant topics of interest to the Group.

1.4  To promote interest in local history among Effingham residents.

1.5  To provide residents with opportunities to contribute to the Group's activities.

* In every instance, 'Effingham' refers to the civil parish of Effingham.

2.  Membership of the Group

2.1  Membership is achieved by payment of the current membership fee.

2.2  Terms of membership:

a)  Any person, resident anywhere, may apply to be a member.

b)  Approval of an initial request for membership, or a renewal of membership, shall be at the joint discretion of the Chairperson and the Honorary Secretary.

c)  Membership lasts one year.

d)  Members may attend all meetings of the Group.

e)  Members have the right to speak, make proposals and vote at the AGM and all other meetings convened by the Group.

f)  The membership fee for the forthcoming year will be agreed at each AGM.

g)  Members undertake to conduct with care both their own research activities, and any encounters with residents who might help them, always having due regard for issues of provenance, ownership and copyright as set out in the current agreed Policies or procedures of the Group.


3  Responsibilities

To achieve the above objectives members of the Group shall:

3.1  Hold regular meetings to discuss and plan the Group's ongoing research and publication activities.

3.2  Hold an Annual General Meeting in accordance with 4. below.

3.3  Hold such Extraordinary General Meetings as might be required.

3.4  Publicise the Group's activities and arrangements for membership.

3.5  Organise occasional lectures or exhibitions open to the general public.

3.6  Index and safeguard the Group's archive of research-related items, and make these available to members of the Group for their research.

3.7  Assist in maintaining the Group's local history website.


4  Annual General Meetings

4.1  The Annual General Meeting of the Group shall be held as near as may be convenient to 1st May each year, giving at least 21 days' notice to all members, for the following purposes:

a)  to receive the Statement of Accounts in respect of the previous year;

b)  to elect the Group's Honorary Chairperson, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Auditor for the forthcoming year.

4.1.1  No member may hold simultaneously more than one of the posts listed in 4.1b).

4.2  Only members of the Group may vote at the AGM.

4.3  The quorum for the AGM shall be 6 people or 30% of the membership, whichever is the lesser.


5  Finance

5.1  The Honorary Treasurer will be responsible for keeping the Group's financial accounts, which will be reviewed by the Honorary Auditor.

5.2  Any bank account maintained in the Group's name will need cheques signed (or other mechanism for withdrawal of funds authorised) by two from the following: Honorary Chairperson; Honorary Treasurer; Honorary Secretary.

5.3  The Group will be non-profit making abd any income generated by its activities will be used solely for the furtherance of its defined objectives 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5.


6  Copyright

6.1  Copyright of any publication produced by the Group shall be vested jointly in the Group and Effingham Parish Council as equal partners, and if the Group be wound up then copyright will revert fully to Effingham Parish Council.


7  Modifications to the Constitution

7.1  Modifications can be made only by a written resolution to the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting, and agreed by simple majority.


8  Extraordinary General Meeting

8.1  An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time, in addition to the AGM, by the elected Chairperson of the Group or by 30% of the members supporting such a proposal, giving at least 21 days' notice to all members.


9  Winding up

9.1  In the event of the Group being wound up, the funds and assets thereof shall be disposed of as determined at an Extraordinary Meeting .