Community Fund

The Parish Council is keen to encourage everyone to contribute to village life. Although the Parish Council has limited funds we have set up a community fund to help enhance life in our village, bringing benefits to as many Effingham residents as possible.

The Purpose of the Community Fund

The fund has been established to provide financial support for not-for-profit community projects, activities and new initiatives that will benefit some or all of the residents of the Parish of Effingham.


Bids may be submitted at any time by either one or more existing local community organisations, or by Effingham residents (groups or individuals). Effingham Parish Council may only provide financial support where provision is a legal use of Parish Council funds under Local Government legislation. The Community Fund is taken from the “Parish precept”, that is from Effingham Parish Council Tax. Advice for anyone considering making a bid is available from the Parish Council.

Making an Application

Please download the guidance document here.

For more information please contact the Clerk.

In early 2019 a Community Fund application materialised into new aprons for the 1st Effingham Brownies.