The Board of Managing Trustees of Effingham Village Recreation Trust (EVRT), the charity which manages the King George V Hall and Fields in Effingham, has reviewed the governance arrangements for the charity and concluded that the preferred model for future governance is that of the Parish Council becoming sole trustee. On February 17th, the Board made a formal request to Effingham Parish Council (EPC) that the Council becomes the sole trustee under an amended charity scheme.

The proposal was discussed at a meeting of the EPC/EVRT Liaison Group. At the parish council meeting on 22nd February EPC agreed in principle to become the sole trustee of EVRT, subject to satisfactory administrative and financial arrangements being feasible. Full details of this decision can be found in the EPC minutes of the meeting.

A document setting out the proposed arrangements was prepared by the Liaison Group. Advice on the proposed arrangements and amended charity scheme was taken from a solicitor and from the Charity Commission, and a full report has been prepared for consideration and decision by the Parish Council at the EPC meeting on 26th April.

The full report is available here.

Residents are invited to comment on this report and EPC will consider all comments received before making the decision on whether or not to confirm that the Council agrees to become the sole trustee for EVRT.

Any comments should be sent in writing, by letter or email, to the Clerk to the Parish Council, to arrive before noon on 26th April:

Jon Short,
Clerk to Effingham Parish Council
3 Home Barn Court
The Street
KT24 5LG