EVRT is the registered charity (number 305018) which manages the King George V Hall and Fields in Effingham. Effingham Parish Council (EPC) is the Custodian Trustee of the charity and also appoints up to four of the seven Managing  Trustees.

In order to encourage and facilitate a good working relationship between  parish councillors and the managing trustees, the EPC/EVRT Liaison Group was set up in January 2022. The terms of reference of the Group are available here.

The Note of each meeting of the Liaison Group can be found below:

February 1st 2022

March 3rd 2022

[Associated document: Arrangements for EPC as sole Trustee]

Governance of EVRT

In January 2022 the Board of Managing Trustees of EVRT reviewed the governance arrangements for the charity and concluded that the preferred model for future governance is that of the Parish Council becoming sole trustee. On February 17th, the Board made a formal request to EPC that the Council becomes the sole trustee under an amended charity scheme.

The sole trustee proposal was discussed at the meeting of the Liaison Group on February 1st. At the parish council meeting on 22nd February EPC resolved:

That the Council agrees in principle to become the sole trustee of EVRT if the EVRT Board so request, subject to satisfactory administrative and financial arrangements being feasible.


Full details of this decision can be found in the EPC minutes of the meeting.

A document setting out the proposed administrative and financial arrangements was prepared by the Liaison Group at the meeting on March 3rd. Legal advice on the proposed arrangements and the amended charity scheme was taken from a solicitor and from the Charity Commission, and a full report was prepared for consideration by the Parish Council. At the EPC meeting on 26th April, EPC resolved that:

Subject to confirmation from EVRT that they wish to adopt the Sole Trustee model, Effingham Parish Council will take on the responsibility as the Sole Trustee.

Although legal advice is usually private between the lawyer and those seeking advice, at the meeting on 26th April, EPC agreed to seek permission to publish the advice as it was in the public interest and may help Effingham residents to understand some of the background to the Council’s resolution. The legal advice can be downloaded from the links below, as well as the full report on the proposed arrangements which includes a summary of the legal advice and the advice received from the Charity Commission. 


Legal advice from solicitor

Appendix 1 – 1938 Conveyance and 1947 Deed

Appendix 2 – KGV Register of Title

Appendix 3 – KGV Title Plan

Appendix 4 – ‘Fields in Trust’ Entry for KGV

Full Report

including summaries of the legal advice from the solicitor and the Charity Commission.