In February, the Board of Managing Trustees of EVRT, the charity that runs the King George V Hall and Fields made a formal request, as reported here, for the Parish Council to become the sole trustee. In the intervening period, the Parish Council has taken legal advice and advice from the Charity Commission that has confirmed the feasibility for the Parish council to take on this role.

At the Effingham Parish Council meeting held on 26th April the Council resolved that, ‘Subject to confirmation from EVRT that they wish to adopt the Sole Trustee model, Effingham Parish Council will take on the responsibility as the Sole Trustee.’

Following this Council decision, EVRT has issued the following statement:

The EVRT Trustees will presently revise the EVRT charity scheme to make Effingham Parish Council the Sole Trustee. This change will not take effect until at least June.

Meanwhile, the Trustees will be holding an online meeting at 19:30 on Friday 13 May at which a presentation will be given of the rationale for making this change. Additionally, residents in the area of benefit have the opportunity to submit to EVRT comments on the Revised Scheme before its finalised form is sent to the Charity Commission; the deadline for submitting comments is Friday 27 May.

Details of the meeting’s registration procedure and of the comment submission procedure may be found on the EVRT website here.