Qualification for Purchase of Grave Space

The Burial Ground is provided for the interment of people who at the time of death are residents of the civil parish of Effingham and have been so for a significant part of their lives. As a guideline it is unlikely that permission to purchase a new grave space would be granted unless the deceased had lived in Effingham for at least ten years, part of which should be within the last two years.  In the case of a child under 12, the child’s parents / carers should be resident in the parish and have been so for at least five years. The power of discretion in these matters is vested in the Chairman of the Parish Council. 

Unless it is requested otherwise, new graves are dug to ‘double depth’ for the first burial. This means that should occasion arise there will be room for two coffins and possibly a casket of ashes. So, the grave space will initially be purchased for an Effingham resident (ie the first burial), but after this it is the property of the family concerned, and they can decide on who would be buried in it thereafter.

Permission is not given for the burial of pets.