Effingham Civil Parish Burial Ground


The Burial Ground owned by Effingham Parish Council is immediately adjacent to, but entirely separate from, St Lawrence’s Church and the church’s graveyard. It is non-denominational; however, the majority of the area is consecrated. This is not a commitment to a particular belief. It means that the ground has been specially dedicated to this purpose and can never be used for another purpose.

It is not possible to buy a plot in advance, only at the point of need.



The burial ground


  • to see the location of the Parish Council's Burial Ground (outlined in pink), click here.
  • to see who qualifies for burial in the Parish Council’s Burial Ground, click here.
  • to see the current Fees Table, click here.

Full size plots only are available. Unless the undertaker is given special instructions by the family of the deceased, graves are dug to double-depth which means that there will be room for two coffins in due course and (usually) for a casket of ashes.

At present there is no separate provision of small plots for the burial of caskets of ashes specifically, and there is no Garden of Remembrance for the scattering of ashes.

For a burial in a completely new grave, there will be a fee payable from section 1 of the Fees Table (purchase of the plot) and from section 2 (interment of the deceased). This does not include any fees payable to the funeral director or the person leading the service. It is customary to wait until about six months after the funeral before putting up memorials, to allow time for the ground to settle.

For a burial in an existing grave, there will be a fee payable from section 2 and, if required, from section 3. This does not include any fees payable separately to the funeral director or the person leading the service.

  • to erect a headstone, monument or other permanent fixture on a grave, please send details of your proposed design to the Clerk before commissioning it from the stonemason so that it can be approved by the Parish Council. No monument can be erected before the permission has been given and the fee received. The design should bear in mind the following:

        —  the memorial should not be constructed in white marble;
        —  it should not incorporate framed photographs;
        —  it must not impede the mowing and general upkeep of the burial ground.
  • for contact details of St Lawrence Parochial Church Council which owns and manages the adjacent churchyard, click here.