Berkeley Homes have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against the Borough Council’s refusal of their planning application for an additional 114 homes to be built on green belt land on Effingham Lodge Farm. Berkeley Homes argue that more homes are needed because the original scheme allowed at appeal, for 295 enabling homes to pay for a new-build expanded Howard of Effingham School, is no longer financially viable.

There will be a public inquiry, expected to last for ten days, beginning on 20 September. Berkeley Homes appeal against the refusal of the ‘reserved matters’ application for 99 homes on the existing school site, permitted in outline under the 2018 appeal decision, will be heard at the same inquiry.

Effingham Parish Council strongly objected to the original planning application, and will be a ‘rule 6’ party at the appeal, giving us the right to present our formal case at the inquiry, have our own witnesses, and cross-examine the Berkeley Homes witnesses. We are pleased to have the services of experienced barrister Scott Stemp, of No5 Chambers, to advise and act as our advocate at the inquiry.

The Parish Council’s formal ‘Statement of Case’ has now been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, and can be viewed here. For more details, visit our planning webpage.