The Civil Parish of Effingham

Situated alongside the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Effingham is a close-knit community of 2500 inhabitants perched on the edge of the North Downs. Within the parish boundaries there are two state and three independent schools, three churches - Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic - shops, a Post Office, a golf club, two public houses and a Royal British Legion plus various businesses. Several organisations offer social activities in the village for people of all ages, from the playgroup and the Scouts to the allotments and the Over 60s club. Effingham Housing Association provides accommodation for elderly in need in the Effingham area.

The Village Hall has a beautiful setting within the King George V Playing Fields - 33 acres of green open space providing local people with children's nursery and adventure playgrounds, tennis courts, rugby and football pitches and walking or jogging tracks. This is managed by the Effingham Village Recreational Trust charity, as is the Cricket Field in its lovely rural setting on Effingham Common.


In the small map on the left, the parish boundary is indicated in pink.

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