Community grants

The parish council wants to enhance village life and has set up a fund to provide financial support for any not-for-profit community projects and initiatives that will benefit our parish. The fund is taken from the precept and is open to anyone who wants to bid. More information is available here.


Information on how to make a complaint about an alleged failure by the council, its officers or councillors can be found here. We will deal with all complaints fairly using due process and aim to make an initial reply within 15 working days of the complaint being received. We will also update you regularly until the matter has been investigated and resolved.

Council elections

Candidates standing to be a parish councillor must be:

  • a UK or Commonwealth citizen, or
  • a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, or
  • a citizen of another member state of the European Union

Candidates must also satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

  • they must be an elector of the parish
  • during the whole of the last 12 months they must have occupied, either as owner or tenant, land or other premises in the parish
  • their principal or only place of work must be in the parish
  • they must live within three miles of the parish boundaries

Elections are held every four years and are usually at the same time as the elections for Guildford Borough Council, but an election may be held mid-term if a vacancy arises.

Effingham has two wards, north and south, and five councillors for each ward.

We have around 2000 registered electors and approximately 2500 residents, including children, who live in the parish.

A person is entitled to vote in parish council elections if they are on the electoral register held by Guildford Borough Council, with an address in Effingham parish.

Council meetings

Parish councils are required to hold a minimum of four meetings a year, one of which must be its annual meeting – there is no upper limit. Effingham Parish Council meets 12 times a year, normally, but not always, on the last Tuesday in the month. The details of our forthcoming meetings can be found here.

Parish councils are allowed to meet in any venue open to the public except licenced premises, unless there is no alternative venue available at reasonable cost. Our meetings are normally held at the King George V Hall in Browns Lane and begin at 8pm.

Yes, you can, we welcome all residents and you can raise concerns or ask questions at the start of the meeting if you give prior notice to the Clerk.

If you have a specific matter that you wish to raise with the council, you can inform the chairman before the meeting commences, or by writing to the clerk, and the chairman will normally set time aside for you to speak.

Yes. The minutes are available here and the audit results are here. Other papers may be available for inspection at the Parish Room, as set out in the Statement on Freedom of Information.

The minutes are kept indefinitely as archive material. Once approved and signed as a correct and proper record they are acceptable as evidence in a court of law. Recent minutes are available here, and other minutes dating back to 1894 are available here or at the Surrey History Centre or from the clerk.

Funding and expenditure

The parish council can raise a precept which is collected by Guildford Borough Council as part of the council tax, and paid in two instalments. It is used to fund the administration of the council and provide local services and facilities. Funds can also be raised from income on the rental of council property (e.g. the allotments) and from grants.

Details of the parish council budget and precept for the current financial year are available from the Clerk.

Local facilities and services

No. The King George V Hall managed by the Effingham Village Recreation Trust acts as Effingham’s village hall. You can find more information at the KGV website

The sports facilities at the KGV Fields are managed by the Effingham Village Recreation Trust. For details of how to book sports pitches, visit the KGV website

Planning matters

As a statutory consultee, the parish councilcomments on applications for planning consent within the parish. Although Guildford Borough Council as the Local Planning Authority decides on planning applications, the views of the parish council are always taken into account.

All planning applications under consideration by theparish council will be included on a planning schedule and displayed on the parish council notice board three working days before the meeting. During the meeting the council will decide whether or not to make a comment, which may be an objection or support, and if commenting will then provide its view and any relevant local information for consideration by the planning authority.

You should write to the planning authority, Guildford Borough Council. If you wish to make the parish council aware of your representation you can send a copy to the clerk.

The parish council is not a decision maker in planning matters and can only make representations to the planning authority (in this case, Guildford Borough Council).