Current Councillors

All Councillors represent the interests of the whole village, not just the area in which they live.

You can write to the Parish Council, or to a specific Councillor, via the Clerk (address below).


Parish Councillors

Arnold Pindar


01372 457710  Woodlands Road

Ian Symes


07527 465619  Heath View


Keith Cornwell


Cliff Hackett


Liz Hogger


Dr David Martland


Alison Mayell


Paula Moss


James Louie Nicholls


and currently one vacancy



01372 456980  The Street


01372 459113  Strathcona Avenue


01372 453257  Strathcona Avenue


01372 750499  Orestan Lane


01372 451265  Leewood Way


01372 457047  Leewood Way


07733 205297  Barnes Wallis Close

 Financial and Other Registered Interests


Clerk to Effingham Parish Council

Jon Short         

01372 454911                                        


Guildford Borough Councillor for Effingham

Liz Hogger             

91 Strathcona Avenue,                           
Effingham KT23 4HR

01372 453257


Surrey County Councillor for Effingham

Julie Iles 

07732 967622