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Community Governance Review


We are consulting the public on the request from East Horsley Parish Council, which is:


1. to alter the boundary between the parishes of East Horsley and Effingham;

2. to increase the number of parish councillors elected to East Horsley Parish Council from 9 to 12.


More details can be downloaded (as pdf) here.







Vacancies have arisen for the appointment of three Trustees to the Effingham Village Recreation Trust (EVRT) by Effingham Parish Council. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please contact the Parish Clerk.


More details can be downloaded (as pdf) here.





Effingham Parish Council has reluctantly decided they are unable to challenge the Appeal decision, since the Council's barrister Scott Stemp has advised there is no realistic basis for a challenge in the High Court, and the risk of costs being awarded against the Council would be very high. A summary of the advice is available here.


The Parish Council's former Chairman Arnold Pindar says "This is a devastating result for the village. The Parish Council and many local residents are deeply angry and upset, but sadly we cannot risk local tax-payers’ money in a legal challenge when we have clear advice that there are insufficient grounds.” See the Council's press release here.


Full information about the Planning Inquiry, including the Proofs of Evidence presented by Effingham Parish Council, can be found here.




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Effingham residents voted overwhelmingly in support of their Neighbourhood Plan in the referendum on 22 February 2018, with 93.5% voting ‘yes' in support of the Plan (843 yes votes out of 902 votes cast). From this point forward, the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan will become part of Guildford’s Development Plan, carrying full weight alongside the Local Plan in all planning decisions in Effingham ward. Around 44% of all Effingham residents voted in the referendum - a very high turnout for a Neighbourhood Plan referendum.


For more information vist www.guildford.gov.uk/effingham


You can download the Referendum Version of the Neighbourhood Plan here, or a printed version is available to read in the Parish Room.


You can view further information about Effingham's Neighbourhood Plan on the Neighbourhood Plan page.





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