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Effingham Parish Council (EPC) and Effingham Residents Association (EFFRA) recently circulated a survey and questionnaire, having a return deadline of 7th July 2017, to seek the opinions of Effingham residents on the proposed development at Wisley. The proposals include the development of up to 2,068 dwellings at the site of the former Wisley Airfield. The planning application was refused by Guildford Borough Council, however the developer, Wisley Property Investments Ltd,  has appealed. The planning appeal will take the form of a public inquiry and is due to start on 19th September 2017. EPC and EFFRA will be presenting the views of Effingham’s residents to the Inquiry. The results of this survey will form part of our evidence base.
The survey results can be viewed here.






The three-week Public Inquiry into the appeal by Berkeley Homes and The Howard Partnership Trust against refusal of planning application 14/P/02109 closed on Friday 2nd June. The application was to rebuild the Howard of Effingham School on Effingham Lodge Farm, paid for by enabling development of 295 new homes, all to be built on Green Belt land. By 1st September, the Inspector will report to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government who will make the final decision whether to allow or dismiss the appeal.


Effingham Parish Council instructed barrister Mr Scott Stemp and was  a full party to the Inquiry, supporting the Borough Council's refusal of the application. Read the Parish Council's evidence to the Inquiry and Scott Stemp's closing submission on the  Appeal page.


The Parish Council's Press Release issued at the end of the Inquiry is available here.






Effingham Parish Council has recently made a response to Surrey County Council's proposed changes to community recycling centres (CRCs).


• see here for Effingham Parish Council's response to the public consultation;

• see here for Surrey County Council, Councillor Goodman's reply.




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Effingham’s Neighbourhood Plan has reached a landmark stage. Following approval by Effingham Parish Council, and strong support from residents in a parish-wide survey, the Plan has now been formally submitted to Guildford Borough Council. The next steps will be a formal consultation, then a formal Examination which may require changes, aand finally a referendum of all Effingham residents to decide whether the Neighbourhood Plan is to be adopted.


You can view and download the Submission Neighbourhood Plan, together with the Evidence Base and supporting documentation, on the Neighbourhood Plan page.



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